Your Life Matters Here

Every ounce of your being is needed.

Yesterday marked #WolrdSuicidePreventionDay for 2018. September 10, 2018. A day in which the world builds community, connects, and reaches out to support each other.

Today marks September 11, 2018. In New York City, USA, 17 years ago the World Trade Centers were struck by two hijacked planes. Thousands were killed.

Two days that parallel each other in tragedy. Now, both used to honor and support those around us. Today, servicemen and women, those killed and injured, and the country in general are honored and remembered.

Together, We Stand...

Truly, days like these are not meant to move mountains or make some radical change in the world. Days like these are set as reminders. They are set as reminders for us to take action.

On some days you might find yourself thinking, “How could I possibly help such big issues?” or “Someone needs to stop the bad people.” Here’s a little secret: Change starts with YOU. ‘Together, We Stand’ doesn’t work when someone is sharing opinions from the couch or ‘liking’ posts on Facebook. This works when one person stands up in the smallest of ways. The more that stand up in small ways, the bigger the change.

Where You Matter

You matter because you have the ability, the power, to alter 1 second in reality. You have the ability to smile at someone, ask a friend, or even a stranger, how they’re doing (and the opportunity to deeply listen), or to just check-in with yourself.

Where you matter is every second of everyday. When you walk down the street. When you buy your coffee. When you come home and the kids going crazy. You matter when you pass by the man sitting on the street corner by himself with lost eyes and vacant dreams.

It’s in the little moments that we can show up big. With one little action of love, caring, and courage, you could begin the ripples that make this world a better place. Your Life Matters Here.


If you or someone you know needs immediate help, please call the NATIONAL SUICIDE PREVENTION HOTLINE at 1-800-273-8255 or visit

If you or someone you know needs a listening ear and a space to check-in with feelings and emotions, please call the LIVE CONNECT HOTLINE or visit