How Having a Party with a Purpose Impacts the World

Beth blowing her birthday candles

“Hey, let’s have a party!!!”

A few short months ago a beloved community member reached out to us asking if she could throw a fundraising party for her 45th birthday. Party? Check. Human Connection? Check. A Pool? Double Check. Who could say “no”??

With the love and passion firing from an amazing human like Beth Villante, things get done! Beth, an undercover party planner extraordinaire, got right to work securing the right people to make this event possible. Her work did not go unnoticed.

Who invited the Crazy Dancing Lady?

Who is Beth Villante? Great question… There’s not exactly one right way to share with you who Beth exactly is. On one end, she’s a hospice nurse, massage therapist, holistic health teacher, shiatsu specialist, and avid mental health researcher. On the other end, Beth is a fun-loving, wild, outgoing, caring, compassionate, mothering, young, vibrant human being (and believe me, the list could go on!).

Oh yeah, most importantly, she is the Crazy Dancing Lady. Not because she’s crazy (some may argue), but because she’ll find the beat to any song, anytime, anywhere and find a reason to move and groove.

Wait, what about the party?

As one of our organization’s core pillars is Human Connection, a birthday party for this inspiring woman was right up our ally. A place for people to deeply connect, dance, laugh, cry, and show up as their authentic selves. We are going to get people together. We are going to change the way people connect with themselves, their emotions, and others.

August 25, 2018: It’s time to party with a purpose!

On this day Beth turned 45. On this day, the depression2extinction team and Beth created a space for 55 AMAZING individuals who are now changing the way they communicate with themselves, their emotions, and others. On August 25th, 2018, Beth and the d2e community planted seeds that are growing. On August 25th we had a party with a purpose!

Our Party!

Here are a few words from the gathering:

  • “I can’t tell you how much this group of people impacted my life.”

  • “I felt a synergy that was right, and I want to keep it going.”

  • “The ultimate blast was finding in the folks from d2e core members of my tribe, committed to providing the tools to dig out of – best yet, to prevent – depression.”

The night’s highlights:

  • Watching Beth inspirationally dance to every song

  • Hearing two amazing musicians sing multiple deuts having not ever played together prior (HUGE shout out to y’all, Reade McCardall and Ryan Cook!)

  • Hearing/seeing all of the beautifully deep connections bubble up

  • The surrender and heart open that began

  • Singing happy birthday to Beth… three times!

  • Spreading the mission of d2e to 55 people who cared!


Team d2e & Beth

We can’t express our gratitude enough! For all the guests that came out. For the money that was raised! For the beautiful music and dancing that occured. For the deep connections that were cultivated. To everyone who cared (and still cares!) enough to show up and BE the change.

And of course, GRATITUDE for Miss Beth who is a leader of this change on so many levels. We are forever in your service.


If you missed out on the party and would still like to connect further, drop us a line at or try our Check-in to filter your emotions. We’re excited to connect with you!

If this mission calls to you and you’d like to financially support, you can do so here: DONATE Every penny counts and we can’t thank you enough for your support!