The Business of Should

The 10 things you should be doing to be successful...

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The internet is filled with Medium articles and blog posts that tell us what we should be doing with our lives. What we should be doing to be successful. Who we should be hanging out with to be happy. How we should make our first million. How do you know me?

They’re right.

The funny thing is, most of these articles have really good life advice. Many have practical actions to help live a better, more successful, more fulfilled life. Everything from waking up earlier, to creating positive habits, to cutting bad habits. All good things. All things that could lead to some really positive changes in our lives. But it’s not all right.

You don’t know me.

Here’s the thing: we’re all so different. The things I believe I should be doing to be happy, successful, better are probably not the exact things you should be doing. Not only because we’re different humans, but because maybe the things I think I should be doing most likely aren’t the things I should actually be doing.

Look, I’m all for learning from those who have come before me. I think it’s important to test different habits and actions to see what works best. I’m just not a fan of shoulding people about how they should be living their lives.


Maybe the only should we should be listening to is to be ourselves. Go do you. Experiment with things and figure out what works best for you. There is plenty of good advice and coaching out there for you to figure out you, just be careful of those who find it right to should you with their own “wisdom” or “experiences”.

the business of should