How You Can Support Mental Health Awareness Month

College Students

The month of May is held across the nation as Mental Health Awareness Month. A full month to open up the closed doors and teach into the untouched spaces around Mental Health. For many reasons, talking about how we feel has become stigmatized, it’s taboo in many circles. And maybe in your circle it just “hasn’t been talked about.”

“It’s hard, uneasy.”

“I don’t know what to say.”

“I don’t know how to help them.”

“They’re bringing me down.”

These are things we’ve heard people say while talking about Mental Health or feelings in general. So, as we’ve got a whole month to really dive into it, where can you start?

Here are a few ways that you can participate in building Awareness:

  1. Share Your Story

  2. Have you ever thought about telling someone (even just another human) about your Mental Health experience. Maybe you haven’t experienced long term depression, anxiety, or panic attacks, but maybe you have felt stress, sadness, or even joy and didn’t know how to express it. Or maybe all of this happened to someone close to you and you were a support or had no clue how to support.

  3. Whatever the case, now is the perfect time to Share Your Story, because #YourStoryMatters.

  4. Share -> on Social Media

  5. Share -> with a Friend

  6. #berealcheckin

  7. Be REAL with someone around you or online. Give yourself this present moment and build awareness of how you’re feeling. The Check-in is a simple process that, with time and consistency, allows you to gain awareness of how you feel and creates space to be able to connect with those around you or handle conflict with more understanding.

  8. Buy a beREAL. Check In. Journal or d2e Swag

  9. Rock some d2e SWAG or get yourself a beREAL. Check In. Journal. Wearing the d2e logo is like rocking the Superman logo: it means you stand for good. You’re standing to eliminate the stigma around depression and build emotional awareness.

  10. The beREAL. Check In. Journal provides in depth research on the 10 core emotions that make up the Check-in Process. It also gives you optimal space to daily Check-in and Journal.

  11. Be Kind to those around you

  12. It’s more uncommon than you may think; being kind. Just think about the guy who cut you off on the drive home from work who “should’ve seen you merging.” Or the woman in front of you who took 5 minutes to order an iced triple vanilla dolce macchiato with caramel shaken, not stirred while you were late on your way to school. How did you respond (either in your head or out loud)?

  13. Just as you’re living your life with all of its ups and downs, so is every other person on this earth. They all have families, jobs, payments, etc. just like you. Let’s give each other the benefit of the doubt and give others the same love you’d want for yourself.

  14. NAMI

  15. Check out and share other resources like the ones NAMI puts out:

Your voice, your actions matter. Make a difference this May.