Life Changing Connection: #berealcheckin


I remember the first time I was asked to “check in”. I really wanted no part of it. I’m not really sure why, but I didn’t. You see I’m typically a very open and honest person, but most of my transparency was specific to certain situations and mostly stemmed from trying to be uber positive. I didn’t want to share some of the dark places in me. I didn’t want people to know what I feared, had worry over or felt shame and guilt about.

But then I did one.


I was affirmed.

And a door was opened. I felt release. I felt heard. I felt….. connected.

It is Community

That’s what being real and checking in has done for me. It has allowed me to be even more transparent with those around me and in turn, has inspired many of my friends and acquaintances on social media to feel free and do the same. It has allowed me to connect with friends of the past who have been facing difficulties and walk with them. It has brought me…… community.

A Better Opportunity to Connect

For me, doing the #berealcheckin challenge has been a door which many others I’m connected to have been able to walk in and feel a sense of freedom. It has allowed me and others around me, an avenue to truly share our feelings and not feel ashamed, or discounted. It has made the opportunity to truly connect with others, so much easier.

I’m so glad I took part and am so grateful for the love that has come from it. It has been truly like changing.

Jonathan Darling + Family

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