A Message from our Founder

JJ during HURT 100 Training
JJ pre-HURT 100

JJ has spent most of his career developing new companies in high tech, and most recently bringing that background to the world of contracting. After building a successful General Contracting firm in Austin, TX (FIDUS Construction Services), he decided to pursue coaching as a Full Time Career. Making the transition did not come easy. Currently a CLC (Certified Life Coach), he is now pursuing his dream to grow the non-profit aimed to help those suffering from depression and anxiety disorders.

His focus is working with people looking to grow their personal lives, using MOVEment, MINDFULness, and HUMAN Connection as the basis for his coaching support. Two years ago Coach JJ was 65lbs + overweight, smoking 2 packs a day, and working 100+ hours per week.  He was drinking too much and did not have any balance in his life.
Then Coach JJ started working with Veteran Life Coach, Lori Anderson, and his entire perspective changed.  He lost over 70lbs in 8 months, started eating well, sleeping, and reducing stress - mostly thru MOVEment.  His favorite thing to do was RUN. That obviously had huge positive effects on every aspect of his life, changing how he approached life, career, family, and balance.

He is on a quest to be the first person to run a 50k in all 50 States in 50 days. Since he is 47, the logistics of this are challenging. But he is determined to complete this and if there is one thing you'll get to know about Coach JJ - once it’s in his mind to do something - he is gonna do it.

For now, he is devoted to developing depression2extinction, a non-profit  that offers anyone suffering from depression or anxiety a place to connect and begin the holistic approach to dealing with these debilitating disorders.