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Helping Emotions Allow Listening. HEAL Kids is a one day experience tailored to students, teachers, & parents for whom communicating can mean the difference between positive or negative conflict resolution, student engagement, and thriving or struggling personal relationships. HEAL offers a challenging and engaging workshop environment providing actionable takeaways and equipping your team with tools to enhance their compassionate leadership. 

In 2017, America’s turn over rate for teachers grew to 16%. We’ve found that teachers are moving on strongly due to a lack of mental health support. Many times the sacrifices and energy teachers have to give burns them out. At a HEAL Kids Workshop, your teachers will gain the tools and confidence to positively impact and engage their students. In turn, students will receive better communication skills and connect in a higher emotional intelligence.  

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Northland Learning Center

Jeffrey did an amazing job breaking down emotions that we all feel and how to check with ourselves and each other, as to understand how we are doing.  His overarching message is genuinely asking“how are you?” and genuinely answering instead of just staying “fine” or “good”.


This is a safe space, we are coming together free from judgement and “should be” statements”. Take 3 deep breaths, in nose, out mouth.