October 30, 2019

Why social media is bad for your mental heath.

September 11, 2018

Every ounce of your being is needed.

Yesterday marked #WolrdSuicidePreventionDay  for 2018. September 10, 2018. A day in which the world builds community, connects, and reaches out to support each other.

Today marks September 11, 2018. In New York City, USA, 17 years ago...

August 8, 2018

"I can't get out of bed."

You can’t get out of bed. You don’t have the energy to go on a run, workout, or even play with your kids. You wonder what is going on.

Why can’t I do the thing I love doing? Why don’t I have the energy I usually have? What is wrong with me?


July 5, 2018


Today our society stands in the shadow of a crisis known as suicide. 

Every day that passes more news emerges of a loved one, co-worker, acquaintance – even public figure – who has revealed the depth of their depression symptoms or, worse, s...

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