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Join d2e as we raise funds to bring more awareness to the stigma around depression and more tools to prevent loneliness.

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Doing the #berealcheckin challenge has been incredible!  It’s opened up conversations with people in my social network who are struggling and has allowed me to encourage them in their battles.  It’s also allowed me to free myself from internally battling my emotions and bring them out into the open to connect and receive love.  It’s changed my world!


The #berealcheckin has now become a daily routine. I was committed to doing the 30 day challenge and ya know what happend? Amazing things so when day 30 rolls around there will be no end. I am able to identify emotions that I was not really sure what was “off” with me. Then I can give attention to that. I also have learned through this process that when we name and honor all our feelings it allows that space for other feelings to be present. The positive affirmations are so powerful.


The #berealcheckin challenge has been a way for me to take inventory of my emotions on a day to day basis. It has allowed me to pick up on emotional patterns I may be in and to recognize when I'm having negative thoughts and analyze where they're coming from and CHANGE IT. It's been a big help!


#berealcheckin helped me conquer a fear of  being open and vulnerable to a larger audience on social media. It helped me speak straight from the heart to open my mind and hopefully impact someone else.


Since day 1 of this #berealcheckin challenge, I have noticed a difference in my heart and spirit. To simply talk about my life, no matter how much or how little, is incredibly healing! Not to mention, how inspiring it has been for the people in my life who have taken the time to listen. I am immensely thankful for the depression2extinction family and this beautiful opportunity they have provided me. Being raw and real is necessary. But feeling loved and supported while in the meantime is just beyond words.

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By donating $10/month you’re joining a growing community committed to changing the way the world connects.

Preventative Tools at no cost for people struggling with depression & anxiety. 

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What is the


The Check-in is a simple tool used to become aware of where you are in this present moment. Using the 10 Core Emotions, you'll identify how each one is showing up for you on a scale from 1 (not a lot) to 10 (a lot). 

You'll leave the space with a Positive Affirmation Statement that begins with "I am...". 

How to participate on Social media:


1) Share Your Emotions on Social - OR

2) Share Your Affirmation on Social - OR

3) Donate - OR

4) Tag a few friends - OR

5) Complete steps 1-4!

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To remove the stigma around depression I am taking the #BeRealCheckIn challenge by connecting with my emotions here on social media. Here's how it works: 1. Check in everyday via video or post for 30 days on social media. 2. Tag friends to challenge them to check in AND/OR join by donating $10 to the cause. (

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by joining the #berealcheckin challenge, you're committing to changing the way we connect with our emotions, ourselves, & others.

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